Paxmore Credit Cooperative

We are a financial organization that offers various types of loan and financial assistance to customers in Northern America.
At Paxmore Credit Cooperative, we focus on helping people to solve their financial needs without stress.
Our services cover a wide range of offers including project financing, general loan administration, leveraged financing, and other financial assistance such as bad credit.

Making life easy and enjoyable is our top priority

We provide a platform that makes it easy for you to access loans. Whether you need to borrow for a car or home, or you need a personal loan to meet your immediate needs, we are readily available to help you through the process. We make sure you get the best loan option by guiding you on how to go about the whole process, and we also give an attractive and affordable rate. At Paxmore Credit Cooperative, your well-being is our primary concern. Get in touch with us and have a wonderful life experience.

Debt Consolidation

Emergency Situation

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Small Business Loans


Top Finance And Small Business Administration Company in USA


At Paxmore Credit Cooperative is a Top Finance Company in California where we follow a responsible lending model. The company offers both online and offline services. We understand our customers need the best and help them by creating innovative solutions. Our experienced loan officers guide you thoroughly to help you make the right decision.


Being a member-owned financial co-operative, it is the members that always keep inspiring us. For us, making profit is a secondary motive.We primarily focus onthe continuous introduction of new products and services to ensure that both the organization and its members can enjoy benefits and bonuses.


As a Small Business Administration California, we value every single requirement of our customers and make sure that they get the best services in terms of accessing loans or clearing bad credit. Compared to the rest of our competitors we offer an attractive and affordable rate. So, get in touch with us today and let us serve you the best possible way of acquiring Small Business Loans in California.


Clients About Us

We have served our clients with the best experiences in the loan industry which earns us a top spot. Below are feedback from some of our valued customers.